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FOOD: Camp Bark strives to make your campers experience totally positive. In order to not upset anyones stomach or digestive tract, we keep each camper on the same feeding schedule as home. Please bring your dog's food labeled with his/her name (first and last!) and in individual daily baggies or a Ziploc® or airtight storage container. If food is not properly bagged, a $10 fee for storage will be charged. Please be sure and label any and all containers that you would like returned. WE DO NOT need your dog's bowls from home…we supply all dog bowls. We are happy to accommodate special diets and homeopathic menus (you must provide all food).

I'm going on vacation to Camp Bark!TREATS: There is no need to pack treats.  Yet, vou are welcome to send treats to camp for your camper. Please label all treats with your dog's name (first and last). We provide treats at bedtime and nap time. Please only pack treats that are soft and easy to chew.  Based upon verterinarian recommendations we no longer give rawhides to dogs in our care, because they pose a saftey concern (ie: non-digestible, blockages, and choking hazard).  If your dog is not supposed to have treats, due to diet or medical restrictions, please let a camp counselor know so that your dog's records are properly noted.

MEDICATIONS AND SUPPLEMENTS: All medications and supplements must be in original container with dosage clearly marked.

PLEASE NOTE: If your dog has fleas prior to camp, they will be treated at owners expense.

LEASH & COLLARS: All dogs arriving at Camp Bark must have a collar with ID tags. We do not need your dog's leash. Choke collars are prohibited unless your dog is participating in training classes. If that is the case, please label each collar with your dog's name.

BEDDING: Please leave your dog's bedding and/or favorite blanket at home. We want your dog to feel totally comfortable, so we will provide cots with cozy blankets, so that your pet can nap and sleep comfortably.

TOYS: Camp Bark has plenty of toys and balls that we can provide to our campers in a supervised environment. Please leave all toys at home so that your camper's toys are not destroyed by other campers!

Please visit our Camp Bark store and check out our Camper tote bag…It’s a great way to pack all your camper’s gear.
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